UNICEF’s Goals for 2008

Please take a moment to browse the following videos. Each video shares briefly about the goals and priorities of 2008 from the leaders of UNICEF. How can we as BYU students make these goals become reality on a local and/or international level? 

UNICEF Executive Board President, Ambassador Anders Lidén of Sweden

UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman speaks at the first regular session of the Executive Board

The launch the International Year of Sanitation 2008

To learn more about UNICEF, take a moment to browse the UNICEF channel on YouTube.

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1 Response to UNICEF’s Goals for 2008

  1. charlafinnigan says:

    There are so many organizations on BYU campus and in the community that are dealing with these issues – the opportunities for partnership are great. With regards to the protection of women and children, there is the women’s shelter, Parity, BYU Women’s Services and Resources, and the Womanstats project (http://www.womanstats.org) that I code for.

    Since it’s an election year, we could do our part in collaboration with BYU’s chapter of Amnesty International and the Current Events Student Association to re-politicize (as mentioned by Ambassador Anders Lidén) the work of making women and children’s needs a priority.

    There are also a number of institutions in Provo dealing with at-risk youth to prevent them from becoming a “gun-carrying gang member on the streets” (as UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman put it) with which we could also form partnerships.

    Again, speaking locally, the Food and Care Coalition would be an excellent organization to work with during the international year of sanitation as they strive to provide the necessities of life and opportunities for advancement for the homeless of Provo.

    Internationally, there are many NGOs and IGOs (including UNICEF) that we could partnership to promote these same ideals worldwide.

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