Dr. Warner P. Woodworth

It is with great pleasure that I announce Dr. Warner P. Woodworth as the new faculty advisor for the BYU on-campus UNICEF club for 2008/2009. He will bring to the club over 30 years worth of experience and expertise addressing global poverty, microfinance, and the exploitation and dehumanization of workers. He has founded or co-founded 43 projects, 16 of which have become NGOs around the globe empowering some 3 million microentrepreneurs and their families. His main objective, he says, is not just to help the parents today, but to build the foundations of a better life for the next generation. 

In fact, he declares that everything he does is ultimately centered upon the future well-being of the individual child. He recalls a poignant experience working in a community when impoverished Third World parents brought their baby to him as a gift, not just for him, but to be the Woodworths child. They hoped he would accept the baby so that it would indeed live long and healthy, and have a decent life growing up in America. Of course, Dr. Woodworth did not accept their offer, but did help the family move toward economic self-reliance. He and his wife, Kaye, have raised 10 children who have also volunteered with them in global development projects. Two of their children are adopted, a boy from Brazil and a Mexican daughter. Among the 8 born to the Woodworths, 3 are triplets. All this strengthens their personal commitment to the goals of UNICEF.

This summer Professor Woodworth is laboring among the poor in Uganda and Mozambique, doing village development with various NGOs, and he will join us again in the fall. Dr. Woodworth is looking forward to working with the UNICEF club in sharing his experience with students, faculty, and community members about current issues that affect children all over the world.

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