Congratulations Dr. Roby!

BYU UNICEF Faculty Advisor offered prestigious position with UNICEF


Dr. Jini Roby, a BYU Professor in the Department of Social Work and a BYU UNICEF Faculty Advisor, has just accepted a full time position with UNICEF! This is a very prestigious position and has rightfully gone to Dr. Roby who is considered one of the foremost authorities on children issues. It is a seven month UNICEF consultancy to work with the national child welfare system of Cambodia. In this capacity Dr. Roby will be helping to finalize Cambodia’s laws on international adoptions, set up national policies and programs to preserve families, provide foster care for children whose families are experiencing crises, and to provide ethical and professional services for domestic and international adoptions. Dr. Roby in the past has worked previously with the governments of Marshall Islands, Mozambique, Uganda and Guatemala. 

In a small way, BYU’s efforts of raising money on December 6th, will go toward the vital work Dr. Roby will be doing in Cambodia. Congratulations Dr. Roby! We could not be more proud of the work you have done and will be doing in the future.

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