An Update from Cambodia


This is the first photo we have recieved from Dr. Jini Roby, an associate Professor at BYU, who is currently working for UNICEF in Cambodia.  

Dr. Roby writes in response to BYU UNICEF’s question about her experience so far: 

“…there are many individual stories, but the most important one is the powerful collective story of war, genocide, and the amazing spirit of resiliency and renewal here in Cambodia. I am loving my experience with UNICEF. My colleagues are truly wonderful, dedicated people who care deeply about children and families. I wish you could all visit me and see the great work that is going on here. I think of you often and congratulate you on your efforts to learn and grow in mind, heart and spirit.” 

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1 Response to An Update from Cambodia

  1. Trudy Rosenwald says:

    Hi Jini, Great to read about your latest work for vulnerable children and families, this time for UNICEF in Cambodia.

    Trudy Rosenwald
    Western Australia

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