Tap Duel Developed by BYU’s Adlab

BYU’s Advanced Advertising Lab says that “Competitive Charity Rocks”

This happened to me three weeks ago. I was in line at the local grocery store buying my TV dinners and Poptarts like I do every two weeks or so when the cashier asked me if I wanted to donate a dollar to some organization associated with muscular dystrophy. I said sure. She added it to my tab and then gave me a paper four leaf clover I could sign to show I was a great human being. They would then put the four leaf clover up on a wall so all the store’s patrons could see that I care about people. The thing is, I never really cared what the customers of the grocery store I shop at thought about me. What I wanted was to put my roommate, who was in line right behind me, on the spot and see if he would man up and match my expression of charity. He didn’t. I considered that a victory for me and a devastating loss for my roommate in the human being game of life. I won a charity merit badge and he won a king of the heartless robots merit badge. All donations should be this competitive.

The Tap Duel is the best way to take your charity fights to the street. Nothing hurts more than a charity drop kick to the chin. My roommate lost all arguments after that fateful day in the grocery store because I could always come back with a sick “oh yeah, well you don’t care about children with muscular dystrophy” jab to the ego kidneys. Now that the Tap Duel exists I can put all my Facebook friends under my charitable dominion. Isn’t this the purpose of charity? To compare the size of ones heart to the heart of another? To be able to walk away from a San Francisco Giants game and think, “Well, my team lost. But at least I’m more charitable than that guy across the street”? Tap Duel provides hard evidence of charitable prowess.

We came up with the Tap Duel knowing that people didn’t donate out of the goodness of their hearts, they donated out of concern for their social image. In today’s society image could easily be considered our most prized possession. In making the Tap Duel we felt that people wouldn’t think twice to donate a few bucks to children who needed water if it meant they were maintaining a stellar image of themselves.

Tap Duel was received by UNICEF with excitement. They shared our enthusiasm for the competition of donating. I have always felt that the best advertisements are the ones where everybody gets exactly what they want. Tap Duel is the perfect execution of this ideology. I get to donate in a game like setting that will entertain me while I boost my ego. My opponent will will enjoy the same level of entertainment, and even when I beat them they will be able to walk away from the duel and use it as a sign that they need to change their sad lives. And all the while more and more money gets donated to the Tap Project which means more and more clean water for children around the world who need it to fight off water related diseases. And that is what this is all about.

I have already beat a friend of mine in a duel… and now I know I am better than him.

Article Featured on BYU’s AdLab Website

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