Get Involved

UNICEF has saved more lives than any other humanitarian organization.

  1. Volunteer. Share your time with UNICEF and join in our mission to save children’s lives. Register online at and you’ll have access to lots of special volunteer resources, be able to communicate with other volunteers who are working to make a difference, and receive the latest information about UNICEF’s programs and volunteer opportunities!
  2. Get informed. Read UNICEF’s Field notes blog ( and the flagship publication State of the World’s Children ( to learn about the challenges facing the world’s children and the simple solutions UNICEF is using to save them.
  3. Advocate. Allow your voice to be heard in support of UNICEF’s extraordinary work. Send a letter to your elected Senator and Representative in support of UNICEF’s annual Congressional contribution and other current UNICEF supported legislation. Contact your elected official now by visiting, and forward the link to friends.
  4. Shop UNICEF. Purchase UNICEF greeting cards and gifts, and make a real difference in the lives of children around the world. Explore our exciting line of premium cards and gifts, at
  5. Teach UNICEF. Teachers and youth advisors can download FREE curriculum and lesson plans based on the annual flagship publication State of the Worlds Children Report. Plans include videos, stories, and worksheets about the survival of children around the world at
  6. Share your wealth. Make a donation on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children and consider an ongoing pledge. Donate today at Use our Friends Asking FriendsTM tool to create your own webpage and introduce friends and family to UNICEF. Visit to learn more.
  7. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. The Original Kids Helping KidsTM campaign, created and inspired by kids, only Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has empowered generations to make lasting change in their global community. Visit
  8. Participate in the Greeting Card Contest. Each spring, kids 13 and under are invited to submit original artwork which could be reproduced as official UNICEF greeting cards and sold to benefit children around the world.Check for last year’s wining designs, current entry form, deadlines, and complete contest rules.
  9. Start, Join, or Support a Campus Group. The UNICEF Campus Initiative is a growing grassroots movement that affirms the power of college students to make a difference in the life of a child. UNICEF Campus Groups promote campus-wide education, advocacy and fundraising for UNICEF. Find more info at
  10. Play UNICEF’s World Heroes Game. Try our award-winning interactive game for kids of all ages. Participants become World Heroes by delivering supplies in simulated UNICEF scenarios and learn about kids who are affected at

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